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The shoulder

Clinical Examination . Diagnosis . Conservative Treatment

Dr. L. Ombregt

Course / Keywords / Flow charts

The content is based on both the work of Dr. J.H. Cyriax, and the standardwork "A System of Orthopaedic Medicine". You can use this CD-Rom in the following ways:

1 As a series of clinical lessons in the examination and treatment of shoulder lesions. During this lesson, the history, the clinical examination, the interpretation and the conservative treatment will be discussed step by step. Ample attention will be given to the general principles and to the development of the clinical interpretation. You can decide on the rythm and duration. You can also interrupt the lesson at any moment to recall certain fragments or to surf forward to other pages for more explanation or background information.

2 The user who is already well familiar with the basic principles of Orthopedic Medicine , but who has some questions about either a specific lesion, diagnosis, examination or treatment technique can get all the information about the desired subject via the index.

3 The clinician who uses this CD-rom as support/reference for her/his clinical work may find it easier to look up the desired information via the developed flow charts

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