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The term "orthopaedic medicine" comes from Dr. J. Cyriax, M.D., M.R.C.P. He has devoted his entire life developing a diagnostic method that, because of its basic simplicity, can be considered as genial, and in which history and clinical examination regain their fullest rights .

Symptoms and signs are interpreted and catalogued via 'patterns'. A pattern is a particular functional behaviour of a disorder or a group of disorders.
For most of the disorders, a local, direct, efficient and economical treatment can be offered.
For a long time, the entire system has proven its efficiency in everyday's practice and it is now, for many doctors and physiotherapist, a most valuable asset in their diagnostic and therapeutic set of instruments.

  • However, although the techiques are simple, for any treatment to be successful, accurate diagnosis is vital and considerable detail must be given on the correct performance of each therapeutic technique . .

    On-line Course "Shoulder" - On-line Course "Elbow"
  • Cursus Orthopedische Geneeskunde NEW: Third edition of "A System of Orthopaedic Medicine"

    A logical, step-by-step approach to examination and assessment which helps identify the source of the problem more quickly and surely
    Fully comprehensive - the entire musculoskeletal system is addressed
    Summary charts and tables facilitate quick reference and easy revision
    Multiple illustrations supplement and further clarify the text
    Differential diagnosis flowcharts summarize the deductive thought sequence which should be followed for each joint examination
    Plus: FREE online resources including access to videos of techniques and much more! -

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