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The interpretation relies entirely on the recognition of patterns.

  • Each disorder or group of disorders has its particular functional behaviour which is called a pattern. Conversely, the detection of a particular pattern will invariably lead to the determination of a particular disorder (making a 'diagnosis').
  • The building of a pattern is only possible when all the results of the clinical examination are known.
    A pattern is then formed by the combination of both the negative and positive findings. It has to be remarked that the negative answers are as important as the positive as they keep each other in balance.
  • Only a number of patterns can emerge; they can be grouped hierarchically.
    The following groups are considered:
  • 1.Limitation of passive movements

  • in a capsular way: Capsular pattern
  • in a non-capsular way: Non-capsular pattern
  • 2.Full range of passive movement (with/without pain at the end of range).

  • with positive resisted movements: Contractile pattern
  • with negative resisted movements: Inert pattern (other than the capsule)
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