<preprocess include=FILE name="H:\LUDWIG\cdschoud\uk\include\inc001.txt"> Oncol Rep 2001 Jan-Feb;8(1):165-6
Non-Hodgkin's tumor and Pancoast's syndrome.

Rao RD, Robins HI.

Department of Medicine, University of Wisconsin Hospital, CSC, Madison, WI 53792, USA.

A 60-year old man presented with Horner's syndrome, and acute right hand and lower extremity weakness. Chest X-ray and MRI revealed a right apical lung tumor (presumed to be a primary lung cancer), with brachial plexus infiltration and spinal cord compression. Emergent radiotherapy was initiated for spinal cord compression and a biopsy was obtained 24 h later. A careful review of pathology demonstrated a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The patient subsequently received chemotherapy, and is now in remission. This case illustrates the importance of a tissue diagnosis before initiating therapy for a Pancoast's tumor.