<preprocess include=FILE name="H:\LUDWIG\cdschoud\uk\include\inc001.txt"> Ultraschall Med 2000 Dec;21(6):287-9

Sonographic imaging of a spinoglenoid cyst.

Weiss C, Imhoff AB.

Abteilung und Poliklinik fur Sportorthopadie, TU Munchen.

Spinoglenoid cysts can be the reason for suprascapular nerve entrapment syndrome resulting an isolated atrophy of the infraspinatus muscle. The syndrome usually presents painless and is frequently observed in professional volleyball players. The incidence of these cysts in volleyballplayers is still unknown. Diagnosis is made by neurological examination using electromyography and magnetic resonance imaging. Our case shows the potential of ultrasound as a possible imaging method of ganglion cysts that could be used as a screening method to prevent suprascapular neuropathy.